einvoicing-ist-rechtssicher einvoicing-ist-einfach einvoicing-ist-effizient einvoicing-verbreitet-sich einvoicing-ist-zeitgemaess

E-invoicing is legally compliant

E-invoicing is simple

E-invoicing is efficient

E-invoicing is spreading more and more

E-invoicing is timely

E-invoicing - the new standard

E-invoicing is catching on more and more – and for good reason. Electronic invoice exchange is not only faster, simpler and considerably less error-prone than conventional paper-based procedures for creating, sending and processing invoices. E-invoicing means the most ambitious efficiency and cost-cutting targets can be clearly and sustainably achieved.

E-invoicing is...


  • On the rise
  • Efficient
  • Legally compliant
  • Simple
  • Timely


Since it reduces process-related paper consumption by almost 100 percent at the same time, this makes electronic invoice exchange clearly superior to the conventional procedure.

A circumstance that is gradually prompting a rethink and not only in many European states.

E-Invoice Alliance Germany (VeR)

Notice: Video only available in German

As a network of established e-invoicing experts from various sectors, the VeR is seen as a cutting-edge, comprehensive and neutral information platform for electronic exchange of invoices at international level.