Roaming (Interoperability)

Roaming (interoperability) takes place when an invoicing party or invoice recipient has decided exclusively on one provider and has become an important instrument in the e-invoicing market. In the Scandinavian countries cooperation between providers is already widely established. Due to the complex legal situation in electronic invoicing in Germany, however, adopting these approaches has not been possible. Bilateral agreements between providers are expensive to implement and the contractual relationships are very complex.

Common roaming standard

Putting interoperability between providers on a sustainable technological basis against the background of German legislation has been one of the primary goals of the VeR. For a year VeR members met regularly to create a standard that works well in practice. In the process the following topics were worked out: Addressing of provider, transmission format, technological interface, content standards, transmission protocols, contract design, and quality criteria for providers.

Certified interoperabiliy: VeR Roaming Signet

By the end of 2014, the E-Invoice Alliance Germany (VeR) introduced an easily recognized and comprehensible identifying feature for a certified interoperability between two or more eInvoicing providers, which is tied to a high level of technical conditions.

Companies, who have received the signet have at least one established and proven roaming connection available through the certified VeR roaming standard. Therefore they will provide a smooth electronic invoice exchange across existing system boundaries.

You can identify certified roaming partners by the blue VeR Roaming Signet:



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